Faithlegg Spire - a spire that spiralled out of control

Over the past month I have commenced a new part time role with Faithlegg House Hotel.  Under the direction of the hotels senior management team we have initiated a process including amongst other elements, gathering the stories of the residents/employees of the estate. This will assist in the current heritage re-brand of the hotel which seeks to showcase the amazing history of the area. To whet appetites here is just one story that has emerged giving a greater insight into the building that is Faithlegg Church.
We have spoken before about Faithlegg Church, built in 1824 under the direction of the new landlord to Faithlegg, Nicholas Mahon Power. Nicholas died 1873, which corresponded to completion of a refurbishment, similar in most respects to the church that we see today including its impressive spire and belfry. But the work was not without it's problems and thanks to a legal squabble afterwards(1), we can now look more closely into the project.
Faithlegg church was originally a…

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